New Patients

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Thank you for your interest in Leeds Student Medical Practice

We are a large practice team with all the key services provided by many GP surgeries. Alongside this, we have comprehensive mental, sexual and reproductive health services.

Where to start

Leeds Student Medical Practice is open to any student (or partner or child living at the same address) of any of the following Universities or Colleges AND that live or plan to live in University Accommodation or private accommodation in postal areas LS1 to LS7, LS16 South of the Ring Road, Marsh Lane and Regent Street areas LS9, LS10 up to the M1 junction at Hunslet Road and Dewsbury Road:

  • University of Leeds
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Leeds Beckett University International Study Centre
  • Leeds Arts University
  • Leeds City College
  • Leeds College of Music
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • Leeds College of Building & Leeds Conservatoire
  • College of the Resurrection
  • MetFilm School Leeds
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance
  • University of Law
  • Leeds International Study Centre

Catchment Area

If you meet the above criteria, we’d love to have you register with us.

What we have to offer

As a medical practice dedicated to the health of students, we are the best place to support you in your health during your student journey.

With comprehensive mental , sexual and reproductive health support, alongside all the usual services provided by General Practice we are here to support you. We have relationships with many of the education institutions in Leeds, so issues such as requests for letters to support applications for mitigating circumstances are addressed as quickly and as effectively as possible.

For more information about what we offer, take a look around the website. The following are some good starting points.

If you’re coming from abroad

We understand that the NHS can be confusing for patients that haven’t experienced the system before, this can be especially true for international patients who can come from considerably different setups to the UK.

To support your understanding of the system, we have put together this guide to the NHS, where a GP practice fits within it, and why it is important that you register as soon as you move to Leeds.

Get registered at Leeds Student Medical Practice

You can now register at the practice online, without having to go to the surgery. Please complete the form below.

Please be aware submitted registrations take around 7 working days to process, however, due to the high numbers of registrations we receive during the annual registration period in September, registrations may take longer to process.

We may contact you if we need further information regarding your submitted registration, please ensure that you provide us with a valid UK mobile number on your submitted registration form that we can contact you on.

You will be notified via SMS text once you are fully registered with the practice. Until you receive this notification you can access medical care from your current practice or by calling 111.