Travel Clinic

We can offer a comprehensive travel assessment with provision to offer only NHS vaccines if recommended. These include hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus, diphtheria and polio booster.

You can call to book a travel appointment, ideally a minimum of a month prior to your travel date, this will give you time to have a course of vaccines if required.

You will be asked your destinations and dates and duration of travel. It is helpful for you to look at the Fitfortravel website Home – Fit for Travel so you are aware of the advice for your destination and you can ask any questions during the appointment time.

Prior to the appointment, we prepare by gathering your vaccine history. If you have been given vaccinations at a private travel clinic – i.e., not a GP surgery, it would be helpful if you could email or hand in a copy of these prior to your appointment so we can complete your records.

During the appointment we will discuss your travel plans including health risks, vaccines and malaria advice and provide more detailed written information to be sent after the appointment via text.

We will give any recommended vaccines during the appointment unless we are unable to do so, in which case we will arrange an appointment for you to return or contact you when the vaccines are available.

Lastly, there is more information on the fit for travel website on how to stay healthy and safe while travelling, please read this carefully before you go and have a good trip!

If you would like to request a vaccination history please complete the below consent form, enclose a stamped addressed envelope and post to

FAO Reception
Leeds Student Medical Practice,
4 Blenheim Court,
Blenheim Walk,

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