Your practice is here to support you with your Covid-19 queries, including testing, vaccinations, and general advice. This page is updated regularly to give you the most up to date information.

Covid-19 vaccinations

The UK vaccination program adapts based on the number of cases and the risk to the country.

Currently everyone is eligible to a primary course of 2 vaccinations, and a booster vaccination, a total of 3 vaccinations.

There are some groups that are at a higher risk and are therefore eligible for more vaccinations. You will be contacted if this applies to you.
The vaccinations for Leeds Student Medical Practice are being run by the Leeds Student Medical Practice and The Light Surgery Primary Care Network. You can book yourself in to our practice vaccination slots, or any other site using the National Booking System. The closest vaccination site to you may be at a different location than LSMP.

Covid-19 testing

Free covid testing is no longer available on the NHS as of 1/4/22. Tests are now available from shops and pharmacies. Some members of the community are still able to access free tests, further details can be found below.

NHS Website covid testing

What to do if I get coronavirus?

If you test positive for coronavirus, you should try where possible to stay at home and avoid contact with people to try and reduce the spread.

The current duration for this is 5 days.

Avoid meeting people at higher risk from COVID-19, especially if their immune system means they’re at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, even if they’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine.

To aid in your recovery, make sure you drink lots of fluids, rest, and manage symptoms with over-the-counter medication if needed. Further information can be found below.

Treatments for Coronavirus

Most COVID-19 infections are mild and do not require treatment. Some patients have been identified as high risk and may befit from treatment. Please see the link below for the latest information on high risk groups and treatments available.