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Leeds Student Medical Practice - Email

Email policy

Leeds student medical practice has a policy which allows us to send certain pieces of information via email. This policy has been created to ensure that the strictest safety protocols are in place.


  • Access to medical records requests
  • Medicals and medical forms
  • Insurance reports
  • Department letters
  • Repeat prescriptions



  • Complaints
  • Vaccine histories


The Process

Please complete the below form, ensure that all your details are correct.

Once we receive the contact form you will be sent an email with terms and conditions. You must accept the terms and conditions and provide two forms of photo id. Acceptable forms or ID are as below:

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • ID card ???????

Once we receive this your information will be encrypted and sent via email. You will then receive a second email with the password for the encrypted document, upon receiving both emails please attempt to access the document to ensure that you can.


Terms and Conditions 

The practice is strongly committed to ensuring the security of confidential information and as such we have procedures in place to allow transfer of information by email.

 The NHS mail system which we use encrypts all our email traffic, we can verify security of an email while in the NHS mail system but the movement the email leaves the NHS system we can no longer ensure that it is encrypted. Once the medical information is in your email account we can no longer take responsibility for its security and that responsibility then falls on you.

 Before we send information we require that you confirm you understand the above statement regarding security. We also require you scan and email two forms of photo ID and you must confirm that that email address you wish to have the information sent to is secure and is only accessible by yourself.

 Once this has been received your information will be sent to the supplied email address in a password protected format. A separate email will then be sent with the password. Upon receipt of the password we strongly recommend you ensure you can gain access to the document.


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