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International Students

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International Students Access to NHS Primary and Secondary Healthcare

 Anyone who is in England is entitled to receive NHS Primary Care medical services at a General Practice (GP) Surgery without charge, treatment at GP surgeries is free for all.

Emergency treatment in A&E departments is also free but charges may apply if you are admitted to hospital.

You may be charged for Secondary Care Services, (hospital or other community services), further information regarding this and the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) can be found at, https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration/student-visas

 When you arrive in the UK you should register with a local GP (General Practitioner) Surgery as soon as possible.  GPs are trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating a wide range of health problems.

Do not wait until you are ill to register. Existing health problems can be made worse by the effects of adjusting to unfamiliar food, a different climate and the emotional strains of being away from home.  It can be easy to focus on your studies and forget about taking care of yourself.

To register at Leeds Student Medical Practice, you should be a student (or their partner or child living at the same address), AND, live in any University accommodation in Leeds OR private accommodation in postal areas LS1 to LS7, LS16 south of the Ring Road, Marsh Lane and Regent Street areas, LS9, LS10 up to M1 junction at Hunslet Road and Dewsbury Road.

If you fall into any of the following groups you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before coming to the UK, as the doctor is likely to treat you in the same way as a permanent resident (even if you are a short-term visitor):

  • ‘Insured’ European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, stateless persons or refugees, their family members and the survivors (irrespective of nationality) of these groups of people, insured in each case in an EEA member state.
  • ‘Insured’ Swiss or EU nationals, stateless persons or refugees, their family members and the survivors (irrespective of nationality) of these groups of people, insured in each case in Switzerland.
  • Non-EEA nationals legally resident and ‘insured’ in any EU country except Denmark.

‘Insured’ in this context means that you qualify for state-funded healthcare in the EEA or Swiss state where you live.

EHIC does not replace travel insurance.

Being registered with a GP (doctor), and having an NHS number, does not give you automatic entitlement to free hospital treatment. The hospital providing treatment is responsible for establishing whether international students are entitled to free hospital treatment.

You may find the following websites useful;

International students with on-going medical conditions (including ADHD, ADD) who take regular medication

If you will need an NHS doctor in Leeds to prescribe more medication for you whilst you are living in Leeds, we would be grateful if you could prepare for this by bringing a letter from your current doctor with the following information:

  • Your diagnosis (the name of the medical problem)
  • Your medication: names and doses
  • Any monitoring requirements, such as regular blood tests.

Please bring this letter and your medication in the original packets to your first appointment with a doctor. Please try to have this letter written in English.

Patients on medication for ADHD or ADD

Please note, if you are taking medication for ADHD or ADD, these drugs are controlled drugs in the UK and have to be overseen by an NHS consultant. It can take many months (current waiting time >9 months) to refer you into the ADHD clinic for consultant review so, if you will need a doctor to prescribe medication for you whilst you are living in Leeds, please make an appointment as soon as possible to arrange the referral. Not all ADHD medications are available in the UK. A copy of your original assessment for ADHD would be very useful and makes it easier for us to continue prescribing your medication.

Because most ADHD medications are controlled drugs in the UK, they are subject to strict regulation including the need for a licence to carry three months or more of your medication. Further information is available at:


Please note: ADDERALL is NOT available in the UK

The following ADHD drugs are available in the UK:

Methylphenidate Dexamphetamine Atomoxetine
Immediate release

•      Ritalin/Medikinet:

Modified Release

•      Concerta XL

•      Delmosart

Prolonged Release

•      Equasym XL

•      Medikinet XL

•      Xenidate

Short acting

• Dexamphetamine


• Lisdexamphetamine