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When You Return

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Have you been travelling to tropical or sub-tropical countries over the summer? If so we strongly advise you to make an appointment with a Practice Nurse to arrange for a screening stool culture and a full blood count. This is to check that you haven’t picked up any diseases or other travelling companions

If you have been to Africa, South America or South-East Asia, and have been swimming in fresh water lakes and steams, you may need screening for Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia). Make an appointment with a Practice Nurse 12 weeks after your return for screening, or sooner if you have symptoms

Maintain a high degree of suspicion of Malaria if you develop any flu-like illness (characterised by fever, headache, joint aches, etc)

If you have been travelling and have returned feeling unwell, especially with an unexplained fever or prolonged diarrhoea you should make an appointment with a doctor

Travel occasionally brings some negative experiences. Please seek support for any unresolved issues from whomever you feel most comfortable with: friends / family / doctor or counselling services