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Medical Electives

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Please read all of the information about planning your trip and maintaining your health on your travels, BUT please pay extra attention to the following topics

Please see the section Keeping Healthy Abroad and pay particular attention to the section on Schistosomiasis and Malaria



Contact MPS or MDU and arrange an elective study indemnity policy



On your elective you may have many new and sometimes distressing experiences including helplessness and frustration witnessing preventable deaths. You may experience significant culture shock and have difficulty adjusting on your return to the UK. It is important to prepare for this and also to ask for help from peers, colleagues, counselling services or your doctor if needed

2021 – Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Students and Workers


HIV PEP (Post exposure prophylaxis)

If you think you will need HIV-PEP on your elective please contact  Occupational Health at St James’ University Hospital