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Linking Leeds – Brand New Website! Help us to help you to help others!

Right now, a lot of people need support and aren’t getting it. We think you can help – but only if you keep reading…

It’s rare that a person has only one problem. Often, it’s much more complicated than that. Well you’re in luck because Leeds has an answer – Linking Leeds! We’re very pleased to announce that we have a brand-new website including a new promotional video. Please check it out at www.linkingleeds.com.

Within the website you’ll be able to see all the information about our service, how to refer people as well as how we are structured, who our partners are, stories of people we’ve helped and much, much more!

Linking Leeds is the free city-wide service in Leeds – helping anyone over 16 with anything they need. We make navigating the complex and expansive world of services and community support easier for the people who need it most. And if you still aren’t sure what social prescribing is – check out this very short video on our new website. It is so much more than simply telling people who to go see – we do a full range of assessments and action plans – to support each person’s individual needs. If you are working with a client but need support with their wider needs – please refer to them us!

So, if practical or emotional problems are stopping you, your family member, or your clients from feeling their best, Linking Leeds can help get it sorted. We are open for business and ready to take referrals across Leeds! What are you waiting for? Get in contact today!


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