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Sick Notes

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Sick Notes for Employers

If you are absent from paid employment for LESS THAN ONE WORKING WEEK you will need to complete a self-certificate confirming your illness. This form called an SC1 is available directly from your employer. You do not need to have seen your doctor in order to complete this. If your employer insists upon a doctor’s note in this instance, please be aware that this is not an NHS service and there will be a fee.

If you are absent from paid employment MORE THAN ONE WORKING WEEK you will require a sick note from a doctor in order to receive Statutory Sick Pay. For these requests, please complete an administrative eConsult and we will get back to you.

This form is now called a ‘Fit Note’ and may be used to either indicate that you are unfit for all work for a period of time, or maybe fit to return to work with amended duties.

Further information regarding ‘Fit notes’ can be found at www.direct.gov.uk

Sick Notes For University/College Purposes

In line with sick notes for employers, we do not routinely provide notes for illnesses of less than 7 days duration (unless you have missed an exam or a formal assessment due to illness)

Most departments operate a self-certification system for short periods of absence due to illness. To decide whether a sick note is necessary you need to contact your department directly.

These sick notes are not an NHS service and may attract a private fee for completion. Current fees for this service can be obtained at reception.

In order to issue any private sick note for the above, you will need to have been seen by a nurse or doctor at the medical practice DURING your illness. If you attended a hospital or Out Of Hours Service instead, please make sure that any documentation regarding the attendance is available.

The content of the sick note is at the discretion of the nurse or doctor who writes it.

All medical information released regarding patients is governed strictly by rules of confidentiality and sick notes can only be released with the written permission of the patient. You will need to complete a written consent form at reception when requesting a departmental sick note.

Due to the current pressures on NHS organizations, please note that sick note requests could take up to 28 days to get processed. Notes for the University of Leeds departments can be forwarded via internal mail if you prefer.

Sicknote requests for medical letters can be made electronically, please download and complete the Request for Medical Letter form from here. Please return completed forms to, lsmp.mail@nhs.net, along with two copies of photo identification to support the request, identification can comprise,

  • copy of a passport,
  • copy of a driving license,
  • copy of a student ID.