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Patient Access Login

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Patient Access

Open our Patient Access site.  Patient Access is a service that allows you to use the Internet to view and cancel appointments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also use it to request repeat prescriptions

It is simple to register for Patient Access!

  • You must be a fully registered patient
  • Open the Patient Access secure web site and create an account. At your next visit to the Practice come to Reception and ask us to verify your Patient Access account
  • You will need to show some photo identification, for example, your University of Leeds student ID card so we can verify your identity
  • We will usually verify your account immediately, and you will then be able to log on and fully use the service to make appointments, request repeat prescriptions, and update contact details

Repeat prescriptions

If one of the doctors here has authorised for you to receive repeat prescriptions you will be able to view and order them on Patient Access

Once ordered Patient Access will inform you that your request is ‘Awaiting action’ until we have read your request, at which point the status will change to ‘Accepted’. In most cases as long as one full working day has passed after your request, your prescription will be ready for collection. If there is a problem, for example, your medication review is due, we will not be able to issue the prescription until you have seen a doctor for a medication review. We will do our best to contact you if there are any problems

Please ensure the contact details shown in Patient Access include a telephone number and current e-mail address

Contact information

You can use Patient Access to let us know about changes of address or telephone number

Address: Your address may appear in an abbreviated format on this screen, this is because our EMIS computer system limits the address field to a specific width, which affects addresses for University accommodation. If you address is abbreviated there is no need to change it unless it is technically incorrect (i.e. flat number missing)

Telephone number: If you are entering a new mobile number please enter it into the ‘phone’ field, not the mobile field – which makes it easier for us to see in the practice

E-mail: please provide a current University e-mail address if you are using our repeat prescription request service, in case we need to contact you about a problem with your prescription request