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Seafarer Medicals

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Seafarer (ENG1 Certificate) Medicals

Dr Paul Hudson is a Maritime and Coastguard Agency DMP (Designated Medical Practitioner). Dr Hudson only conducts the standard ENG1 Certificate Medical. The medical does not include any blood tests, x-rays or additional certificate signings. If additional forms need signing you should check with us to see if this will be possible.


If you would like to book an appointment  please contact Vanessa Hampshire on 0113 295 4488 or email vanessa.hampshire@nhs.net . (please include a contact number in your email)

Our seafarer (ENG1) medicals take place on pre-arranged appointment dates.

There is a standard the fee which is £80.00 (GBP).

Please note your appointment will not be confirmed until the payment has been received. Before booking an appointment please make sure:

  • you have your full name, date of birth, and address
  • you have your contact telephone number and e-mail address
  • you have your doctor’s name, address, and telephone number
  • you have a suitable credit or debit card for payment
  • that you have read this page, so you know about the process and what is involved
  • that you can tell us whether this is the first time you have had this medical, or whether it is a renewal of an existing certificate ENG1

Please note: If you cancel your booking at any time up to 2 working days before your appointment we will refund you in full. If your booking is cancelled less than 2 working days but more than 1 working day before your appointment we will refund your payment less an administration fee of £25.00 which covers the preparatory work we will have already completed for your medical. If you cancel your booking less than 1 working day no refund will be given.



You must bring the following documents/details to your appointment:

  • If this is a repeat ENG1 Medical, your previous ENG1 Certificate is required in order for the medical to proceed
  • Photographic ID – either passport or discharge book
  • Name address and telephone number of GP (if not supplied at time of booking)
  • Any Medicines that have been prescribed
  • Glasses/contact lenses if worn including spares. You must not wear contact lenses on the day of the medical so your eyes are prepared for the test
  • Medical reports and letters

We will not be able to do your medical if you forget any of these things. You will receive your ENG1 Certificate at the end of your medical.